Educare Resource Center - Supportive Homesharing Program
HOMESHARING, SUPPORTIVE LIVING, and In-Home Care for Veterans and Seniors
Educare Resource Center, Inc. (ERC) is a 501 © 3 organization that focuses on the supportive and housing needs of veterans, youth, senior citizens, persons with disabilities and their families. Educare Resource Center, Inc. was established in December 2006 as a nonprofit organization to bring awareness of the need for preventive healthcare options and available supportive programs and services. In addition Educare, which relies on grants and donations to continue helping people find and maintain affordable housing, bring awareness of the need for preventive healthcare options and tender supportive programs and service at no additional charge.
Educare began its mission to serve as a resource of information to underserved population that offered assistance with housing, supportive services, and healthcare information.  Since that time, Educare has grown into not only a community resource for information and assistance to underserved populations, but has expanded its mission to support the community in need of housing and supportive services. 
ERC evolved by establishing a Supportive Homesharing Program that consists of the combination of providing informational resources and providing much needed housing and supportive services with an affordable community component.After operating an Assisted Living Facility in Prince Georges County for 8 years, we realized that a more affordable option was necessary to assist our veteran population as well as our senior citizens.  The current economy has forced many in need to leave Assisted Living Facilities and nursing homes due to the high cost of care and find other options for supportive care.  The homesharing program is an option for those who do not require assisted living or nursing home level care. The economic crisis is another tragedy that is leaving many jobless and without a place to call home.  Educare strives to provide the assistance to obtain a safe, comfortable and stable living environment and the supportive services necessary to maintain stability. 
Homesharing Program serves not only as a cost-effective solution to the life challenges individuals face due to economic decline, foreclosure possibilities, and family quality of life issues, but also gives the underserved population hope and dignity for a better way of life.  The Homesharing Program has assisted many people in need of affordable and supportive housing, personal care services, job placement assistance and skills development.  The present economy remains a challenge with homelessness, poverty, foreclosures at an all time high and veterans exiting the military.
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